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Job Description:

Updated: Mar 29

The Rural Municipality of Breadalbane is recruiting a part-time, on-call maintenance and

carpentry handyperson. The anticipated need is for around four hours/month with

schedule and wage to be discussed; hourly wage negotiable between $15-$25/hr,

depending upon skills and experience, up to an annual stipend of $1200.

Maintenance work includes:

  • Demolition/removal of assets as required and as per instructions

  • Laying of sub-floor and/or cement as per instructions

  • Door installation

  • Minor interior work, such as changing lightbulbs and fixtures and minor repairs to plumbing

  • Repair or replacement of exterior features including roofing, siding/shingles, windows, doors, fencing, decks, steps, etc.

  • Maintenance repairs due water leaks

  • On call availability and potential other duties as required


  • Previous experience

  • Ability to work without supervision

  • Plumbing, electrical & HVAC knowledge considered an asset

  • Must have a valid drivers license

Please apply to CAO Michelle Pineau c/o Breadalbane Municipality, 4023 Dixon Rd

Breadalbane, C0A1N0, e-mail to or call 902-963-3193 or

902-330-6533 by the deadline of noon on 3 April, 2023.

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