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The Breadalbane Community Centre will be Open

The Centre will be open Saturday, Oct 8 at 10am

for a couple of hours.

Sunday, Sept 25 10am - 5pm

Monday, Sept 26 10am - 5pm

Tuesday, Sept 27 10am - 5pm

Wednesday, Sept 28 10am - 5pm

Thursday, Sept 29 10am - 2pm

Power is back online at the Community Centre!!

For information on Storm Response Assistance

from the PEI Government

Click HERE

If you have a tree on your roof

and you want Provincial Government assistance

to remove it, Call 1-833-734-1873

If anyone would like to volunteer their time,

everyone is welcome!

Stop in and charge your phone, grab a coffee,

fill up a water container, have a quick shower,

or have a conversation with others.  

(LOCATION: 4023 Dixon Road, Breadalbane)

If you are in need of a safe location during an environmental episode, contact:
Lyle Longuepee at 902-432-2124 or

     Remember to call 911 for all Emergencies     


Items to include in your emergency supplies kit

To be prepared for a hurricane, you should have essential items on hand. Keep all items in waterproof containers and store securely.  Your disaster supplies kit should include the following items:

  • Water (one gallon per person per day)

  • Food (minimum 3-day supply of non-perishable food items)

  • Flashlight and spare batteries

  • Battery-powered radio to listen to local updates

  • Whistle for attracting attention

  • Medication for at least 7 days

  • Blankets and warm/waterproof clothing

  • Well stocked first aid kit

  • Paper copy of emergency contacts list

Gather all vital certificates and policies and place them in a waterproof container and put it in a safe location close to your emergency exit.

Charge any rechargable items (ie. cell phone, tablet, backup flashlights, etc.

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