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Agenda February 21

PART 1: Annual Ratepayers Meeting

1. Call to Order

2. Review of Financial Plan and Budget for 2023-24 (CAO and Chair of Finance Committee)

PART 2: Regular Council Meeting

1. Adoption of Agenda

2. Declaration of any conflict of interest

3. Adoption of Minutes of 31 January Regular Council Meeting

4. Business Arising from the Minutes

4.1 Seniors affordable housing (I. Novaczek)

4.2. Unsightly properties (J. MacLeod)

4.3 Council Facebook page (I. Novaczek)

4.4 ToR for Planning committee (B. Fowler)

4.5 Library lights (I. Novaczek)

4.6 Water filter (J. MacLeod)

4.7 Fire dues (CAO)

4.8 Shed reconstruction project extension (CAO)

5. New Business

5.1 Resident Concerns re: road conditions (Breadalbane Rd, Inkerman Rd and Dixon Rd)

6. Special Speaker: Mr. Brad Trivers, MLA for Rustico-Emerald

7. CAO Report (Michelle Pineau)

8. Mayoral Report (Irene Novaczek)

9. Committee Reports

9.1 Finance (Bev Fowler)

9.2 Planning: Has not met since last meeting

9.3 Emergency Management: Has not met

9.4 Bylaws: Has not met

9.5: Capital projects: Update on shed repair, solar panels & e-car charger (I. Novaczek & CAO)

10. Next Meeting Date: 14 March 2023

11. Adjournment

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