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Agenda for February 12 Council Meeting

Updated: Feb 9

Below is the agenda for the February 12, 2024 Council Meeting, please note that the first part of the meeting is to review the proposed 2024/25 Operating Budget with the Municipalities Rate Payers



Rural Municipality of Breadalbane

Council Meeting

Monday February 12, 20247:00pmBreadalbane Community Hall



Part 1 - Meeting with Ratepayers

1.      Call to order

2.      Review Operation Budget for 2024/25

3.      Review 5 Year Capital Plan

4.      Questions/Comments


Part 2 - Regular Council Meeting

1.      Call to order


2.      Disclosure of Conflict of Interest


3.      Approval of Agenda for Monday February 12, 2024


4.      Adoption of Minutes from Council Meeting January 8, 2024


5.      Business arising from Minutes


6.      Reading of Correspondence


7.      Reports from Standing and ad hoc Committees

7.1.   Finance Committee

7.1.1.       2024/25 Operating Budget and Capital Plan Discussion


8.      CAO Report


9.      New Business

9.1.   Housing project update

9.1.1.       Presentation of housing project consultation phase

by Lynne Lund/Trish Altass

9.2.   Update of Seniors Project

9.2.1.       Update/Comments from Coordinator Wanda Naylor

9.3.   Snow Removal

9.4.   EMO


10.  Inquiries by Members of Council


11.  Introduction and Reading of Bylaws – none for this meeting


12.  Appointments to Committees – none for this meeting


13.  Public Presentations/Petitions/Delegations – none for this meeting


14.  Adjournment

Draft Breadalbane Council Agenda - February 12 2024
Download PDF • 155KB

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